1. What services are available for individual and group travel?

We provide different kinds of vehicles based on the number of people travelling in the group. We have Taxi Chirstchurch, Minibus Chirstchurch and Airport Transfers Chirstchurch services, each having 8 Seater, 10 Seater, 12 Seater and 16 Seater vehicle sizes.


2. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash and credit card payments through PayPal.


3. What is your company's travel history?

We have a history characterized by high customer satisfaction levels. We always deliver our services efficiently and on time.


4. Are there refunds if my I cancel my trip ahead of time?

As long as you inform us ahead of time that your trip will be cancelled, then we will refund your money fully.

5. Do you offer emergency travel services? And if so, how can I contact you?

Our number is provided on the Contacts page of our website. We provide services that have been booked 24 hours beforehand, as for impromptu travel services, it is not a guarantee that we will have a vehicle for you in an hour or two, but you should always to find out if there are any available travel options.


6. How do you verify a client's credentials when picking them up at the airport?

The driver is given the contact details of the customer and when they reach the airport, they will call you and ask you to meet them wherever they will be parked. Minibus Hire Chirstchurch and other branches use the contact information you provide during the booking process, so you should have the same information when travelling so that out drivers can find you.

7. Is the total travelling price placed into one package or charged separately for each stop?

We provide a one price travel package for our clients, inclusive of all charges. There are some additional charges that arise when you use meet and greet services, please contact the operator for more information on this.

8. Do you offer discounts or free trips as promotional services?

There are special offers to long distance travels and airport travels. We also give special prices for companycontracts. For more information on our price and discount packages please contact our service provider. Therefore, Minibus Hire Chirstchurch is the best solution for inhabitants and visitors to the aforementioned areas.